Infinity Railing System


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PRL dexterous aluminum infinity railing series contributes to an immaculate composition to any top rail style. This series is engineered to offer strength for comfort and stability.

The finish is environment friendly with a powder coat that is durable and low maintenance. We offer a diversity of finishes to match any of your projects.

PRL offers state-of-the-art fabrication in house complete systems with glass and the fastest lead time. Providing you with a wide range of solutions for almost any glass railing applications.


  • Standard Glass Railing
  • Topless Glass Railing
  • Fencing
  • Custom Railing
  • Handrail
  • Pool Surrounds
  • Wind & privacy Wall
  • Gates

Technical Details


Architectural metals designed, engineered and manufactured by PRL with high end powder coating to provide the highest performance from corrosion, heat, impact, abrasion, fading and weather conditions.






This Infinity railing welded systems is the most cost effective, yet offers many pleasing qualities to your project. This system is not only vibrant to the eye, but it easily adapts to any proposal.
Choose the top rail that best fits your design/application and works the finest, out of the four we have provided.

Quality and Strength
Infinity railing are fabricated with the highest grade extruded aluminum, 40 time stronger than wood. Aluminum is one of the sturdiest material that exists in North America. This railing can handle tough weather conditions which it prevents rusting.

Infinity Series is engineered to provide maximum strength using ASTM 6063-T5 or 6005A-T6 Aluminum alloy.